In this article, we continue finding more about Former IUIU guild president Mugamba Shahali.

As stated in our previous TorchSight article, H.E Mugamba Shahali was the 29th guild president of Islamic University In Uganda.

Shahali was born on 20th June 1990 to Yahaya Mafabi and Asha Kainza(RIP) in Mabale village, Buswasa Subcounty, Budadiri West in Sironko district. He belongs to a family of eight children and the second last born.
Out of the eight children of Mr. Yahaya, 4 deceased.

Shahali completed his primary education from Bukuzu p/s in Sironko in 2004 and scored 17 aggregates.

He joined Noor Islamic Institute in 2005 for O’level and completed the four years UCE course from there.

In 2009, he joined Mbale SS for A’level but never stayed to complete the 2years course from there. Shahali says that the big number of students at Mbale SS made him uncomfortable and thus left to join Manafwa High school where he sat for his UACE from in 2010.
He took PEM/Ent as his subject combination.

Due to financial problems, he failed to join university immediately. According the Observer 2016, Mzee Abdu Noor Dahiya a former newspaper vendor around IUIU, was a friend to Shahali and introduced him Md. Zaitun a then females warden who helped him secure admission to IUIU in 2012.

He started with a diploma in Computer Science before taking on his Bachelor’s in Computer Science in 2014.
Some sources believe that he was on scholarship at IUIU which enabled him complete his 3 years course tenure.

During the 2016 IUIU presidential debate.

Shahali once in an interview with NTV’s Frank Walusimbi on Tuwaye said that teachers liked him because of his academic ability something that made him never to give up on education.

It’s said that after his Diploma course, he refused to have a graduation party and instead applied for a degree course.

He says that he picked interests in guildship when still on diploma something that persuaded him apply for a degree course since the post was reserved for Bachelor’s students.

Shahali became IUIU Main Campus’ guild president in the 2016-2017 Academic year in a three-men’s race.

He defeated both Jamaldin Katende who was a then second year law student and Mohamed Dahir Dagane a management student by then.

He however surprised students when he appointed his former opponent Mohamed Dagane as the cabinet Executive Secretary.

Shahali who used a slogan “Size doesn’t matter, Yes I can” throughout his guild campaigns also believed that he was like Ghandi as quoted saying, “My life is my message… I am not different from Karamchand Ghandi”.

His term of office will forever be remembered by his ministers, students and even administrators.

Allan Martins a former minister told The Campus Torch that they referred to him as Afande Shahali. When asked why, he said, “As guild ministers, most of my colleagues thought that they would take advantage of the way he was, they thought that being small, they would drive him or understand for him as they could mention it in luganda”. Martins says it was different as, “I remember very well that a few of them finished their term in office as guild ministers. Our term in office was characterised by reshuffles and warning letters for none performers”.

Martins continued that All guild ministers could be in panic whenever weekends approached since cabinet meetings were normally held on weekends.

“Being tough and straight forward, made everyone to call him Afande”, Martins said.

Mugamba Shahali was 26years when he became the guild president and many articles were written about him claiming he was the shortest the guild president in the Uganda.

He also contested for UNSA president in 2017 though he wasn’t successful and emerged third position.

Shahali graduated in 2017 with a Second Class Upper honors division in Computer Science and organized a simple party to celebrate another achievement in life.

In 2018, he secured a scholarship and started his Masters in Computer Engineering and Electrical Education at the Islamic University of Technology(IUT) in Bangladesh where he graduated in 2019 before flying back to his mother land.

While at IUT, he met various people that were inspired by his being and some picked interests in learning more about Ugandan cultures.

During his studies at IUT.

He won prizes like the Quran competitions organized in 2019, he became chairperson electoral commission for International students community at IUT and many others.

While still a student at IUIU and IUT, he emphasized a lot the benefits of research in solving community problems.

Mugamba Shahali from the past Up to date has interests of standing as the area MP for Budadiri West constituency.

Many students that have met Shahal believe that he is a solid leader who will raise to greater leadership heights.

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