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My fellow students, i understand whatever we are going through at the moment, but we all know very well, it was a presidential directive that all schools and universities be closed due to the outbreak of this pandemic covid-19, to that effect the University thought of harmonizing the learning and they introduced the E- learning system to enable the lecturers get in touch with the students. I believe this system is not favouring most of us due to various reasons.

However, the ministry of education communicated that the Universities open on 2nd May to continue with the second semester if all goes well. My humble appeal to the students fraternity is that we shouldn’t panic, if we resume campus we shall continue campus real life with the semester since the E- learning does not favour everyone.

My message to the students of IUIU,
Never lose hope, always have faith, regardless of the situation, we have to keep going because our main purpose is to persue our dreams, You shouldn’t therefore let the situation put you down, it is just a trying moment that will pass.

l encourage you to keep reading and stay strong, patience and vigilance will see us through this together.

Take care, stay positive and turn to the Almighty Allah.

Mutoni Zulaika


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