Welunga Yusuf scores a landslide victory at IUIU main campus As Kampala and Females’ postpone elections.


Welunga Yusuf and Nakibule Fatumah win in IUIU Main Campus Guild elections as Females and Kampala campuses postpone elections to March.

29th February was the set date for guild elections in all IUIU campuses according to the university programme for this semester.

Successfully main campus held its elections on the 29th day of February as set by the Electoral commission.

The tight race was between Welunga Yusuf a year 2 law student and Mohamed Abdul Aziz year 2 from Social Sciences for guild president, Nakibule Fatumah was battling Halimah Ahmed for lady vice president.

The voting process started at around 9Am and ended at 6pm where according to results, the chairman EC Kasango Gava declared Welunga Yusuf who got 1277 votes making a percentage of 68.4 while his competitor got 589 votes and 31.6%
Welunga Yusuf was voted by 622 male and 655 female students.
Nakibule Fatumah got 509 votes to secure the Lady Vice president post while as Halimah Ahmed got 411 votes.

Bullets were later heard after the declaration of winners when students tried stop police that wanted to put Yusuf under its custody in order to control students.

Students waiting for results.

Congratulations winners.

Females Campus.

Voting at females campus was on 28th February and it seemed moving fairly. However, anomalies were realised at the end of the activity which and the results were called off due unfairness which made the elections sham.
It’s reported that some students voted on behalf of others. “Many were marked to have voted yet they hadn’t in actual sense”, a student told us.
Later, byelections were set for 11th March.

Kampala Campus.

At the city campus, all was set for 29th February and many students had prepared to cast their votes. They were however surprised on reaching the voting venue were they found no polling organization but a notice of calling off elections.
The EC office went further and called for more applicants on all competitive posts.
We informed that both guild president aspirants had not registered with the university for this semester yet constitutionally one to vote or be voted for must have registered with the Campus.
Elections were therefore pushed to 14th February.

We shall keep you posted.



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