Name: Sabwengye Emmanuel

Age: 21 Years

Status: Single

Campus: Cavendish University Uganda

Course: Bachelor of Laws

Year of Study: Year 1

Hobies: Reading and Travelling

Fav Sports team: Arsenal

Fav. Colour: Nove Blue

Fav. Movie: A knights Tale

Fav. Musician: Don Moen

Role Model: Rtd Chief Justice Bart Magunda Katureebe

Position held atCampus: Member of the Cavendish law society.

Where do you see yourself in 5 five years: A junior Advocate in one of the top law firms in kamapala.

Are arent seeing someone?: Hihihii! Its seems your so much interested in my relationship status. Anyway, I think I’m just not ready for relationship yet coz I haven’t seen need for it.

Hardest decision ever made: Deciding to Join Cavendish whose tuition was much higher than IUIU since all had given me the course of my choice.

The decision to participate in the Jessup International law moot in my first semester was also quite challenging since I already had a huge workload of books to read.

What do you like most between your course and personality?: My course.

Why that?: It’s the course I’m offering that has defined my personality. You know law isn’t just a mere course of study but a customised course that enhances your mindset, skills, ability to think deeply and your habits of success.

Give a brief and clear insight on balancing books and personality: Like i said before, law course defines my personality so I spend more time in books because its a course that needs alot of research to make ends meet.

What do you like about your Campus?: Its a Student centred University thus focuses more on aiding it’s students to achieve their desired goals and aspirations.

Where do think it has failed?: There is no institution that operates without challenges so I believe CUU has done its best so far.

How would recommend it?: Cavendish is a university that provides every student with a platform to achieve their desired goals.

How many stars would you give it out of 5 five?: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

What’s your view on students’ leadership?: Student leadership has done a great job in bridging the gap between students and the campus administration.

Do you believe that Cavendish has given its students what they deserve in the job market and how?: The lecturers have not only provided the necessary knowledge to the students but also the skills that can match with the emerging trends in this dynamic world.

As a student, you involve in many university activities. How have such activities been affected in this period?: It’s quite challenging that most activities we’ve been participating in for example moots require physical interaction with fellow students and coaches so some have been put to a halt however the administration is devising means to ensure that some of them continue such that the students can keep engaged

What’s your take on E-Learning?: Well, E-learning is not easy since many haven’t been used to such a mode of learning but we need to adopt to such situations coz things won’t get back to normal.

Which administrator do you wish to imitate at your Campus?: hahaha!! none for sure.

What makes Cavendish a better university?: As I had earlier on said, Cavendish is one Institution in many that establishes a platform for every student to achieve their set goals by utilising their talent in the various cow curricular and academic events organised by the University.

How have you found the single life?: Single life is at times fun and most importantly stress free which even gives you an avenue to concentrate on your books because its the sole purpose as to why I joined campus.

How are you working out with life during this period?: I’m doing more of research most especially with topics that had given me hard time during school.

Any message to fellow students: I encourage my fellow students to engage in activities that will enable them survive in such challenging times bearing in mind that some situation will not get back to normal

Emma Poses for a photo with colleagues at Campus.

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