Name: Ayebazibwe Precious

Age: 21

Status: Single

Campus: Uganda Christian University-Mukono

Course: LLB

Year of Study: 2

Hobbies: Watching news, articles and making new friends.

Sports team: Manchester United

Fav Color: Black

Fav Musician: Sheebah

Role model: Mum

Position ever held at campus: Residential Governor

Hardest decision ever made: Having to choose a course that I preferred over the one that my parents had wanted me to do.

What do you like most between your course and personality?: My personality.

Why that?: I have been able to survive in the different places i go especially the fact that i am a down to earth person.

Give a brief and clear insight on balancing books and your personality:

What do you like about your campus?: i like the fact that UCU is different from other campuses basing on it’s strong christian values that it imparts in its students.

Where do you think it has failed?: It has failed to balance the needs of the students.

How would you recommend it?: To involve student leaders when making some of their decisions and to always have a listening ear.

How many stars would you give it out of 5?: 3🌟🌟🌟

Do you believe UCU has given it’s students that they deserve in the job market? How?: I believe UCU has some of the best lecturers who have eqquiped the students with the skills that are required in the job market, basing on the five core values of UCU and the mission; a complete education for complete person, her students are equipped well to fit in the job market.

What is your take on E-learning?: Students need to embrace it because we are being left out by the developed countries especially the fact that institutions have been closed since March and students are losing out alot.

Studies aside, is there anything you do to keep the youth moving?: Yes, I mobilized some of my friends and we came up with PEAK Ushering Agency at campus and we plan to take it higher to become an events company.

Any message to fellow students: We are still in a period where schools and tertiary institutions are locked and l urge all of you to keep calm, if you can find something to do, please do it. If you can’t find, then focus on growing yourself as a person. Don’t involve in activities that would ruin your character other than building it.

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