Name: Najjembe Catherine

Age: 26

Status: Single

Institution: Islamic University In Uganda- Kampala Campus.

Course: LLB

Year of Study: Three

Position in students’ Guild/Any post at campus: Class coordinator.

Hobbies: Reading.

Fav Color: Sky blue

Fav. Musician: Silver Kyagulanyi

Fav Trailer/Movie: The Handmaid’s tale.

Role model: My Late Mum.

Football Team: Not interested.

Between your course and personality, what makes you satisfied?: Personality.

Where do you see yourself after 5 years?: A great advocate.

What is hardest decision have ever made?: 🤔

What do you like about your institution?: It is peaceful.

Where do you think your university has failed: Equality issues.

How would you recommend it?: No recommendations.

How many stars would you give your campus out of 5?: 4

Whats your message to students of your campus?: Just ladies, every woman needs three words, “Self esteem, self confidence and self love.

Anything you wish the public should about you:Am just a simple gal.



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