1: Bebe Cool– Many may doubt our choice for Bebe Cool but to merit, your efforts must have been realized. Bebe Cool has continuously invested in his music to keep Ugandans believe in his might.

2: John Blaq– To many is the Artiste of the year because of the much airplays and club plays he received this year. However, hard work and what you put in matters too. We place John Blaq behind Bebe Cool just because it was his year and Bebe managed to have a share from it too. He can be bigger than he’s been if he invests a lot, otherwise great thanks for keeping us dance to his tunes throughout.

3: Spice Diana – As the name goes “Spice”, Diana has put much spices this year and undoubtedly the best female artiste this year. Keep Spicing us.

4: Sheebah– The Queen Karma is another female artiste who invests in what we call music. She has won good international collabos that so us through 2019. Every time they play Enyanda, I fall in love with her music, hope you too..😂?

5:Big Trill – Leaving a night club without tasting the melodies of parte after parte has been made a taboo in 2019. Had he had 2 songs of the same taste, trust me Big trill would have been another young Mandela.

6: Vinka – At the start of 2019 she assured us of a video release every month and she worked to fulfill the promise. However, the every month song release also gave Vinka a setback. The song maybe nice, but if not given much airplays it can’t be a hit song due to own music jam caused. But credit for delivering the promise.

7: Cindy – The King herself in a comeback almost became the Emperor herself😂. Apart from parte after parte, Boom party has been a murder. The competition set with the Queen has made the king roar and definitely roared loud this year.

8: Pallaso – The guy hasn’t only improved musically but also discipline wise. No even a single fight registered in 2019😄😄but good vibes. Wine and wine, Kilila and Ekiro munzikiza kept us busy in 2019. Keep it that way.

9: Vip Jemo: With new management, Jemo has been very active in 2019 and probably the best rapper this time.

10: Daddy Andre: Daddy, thanks for keeping children happy throughout. If you dint know any of his songs, believe me at least you once said “Andre On The Beat” 😂.

11: B2C and Rema– If i could identify the owner of Gutujja, the other party could not appeared here. As people were forgetting of the song, Rema-Amuza-Kenzo saga added sugar and it resurrected 😂. We freshly danced to it.

12: Fresh Kid – After releasing Banzoloya, some said, “Bya’kito(For kids)”. But my dear the inspirational message in Bambi made people realize how talented the kid was.

13: Grenade Official– He didn’t only surprise us of his breakthrough but also the later stories that kept him in media. Nkuloga and Olimba have been darling songs to majority Ugandans. More is needed.

14: Kent and Flosso– The duo this time had Squeeze with Fille. It had a good specific time played in night clubs😂…My dear you could kill yourself if you gat none to squeeze.

15: Kenzo– Mwami stamina please, much is expected from you.!! However, those who gave attention to signal and Bikyuka can tell how tasty Musuuza is. Whether Semyokozo is a sympathy song or not, its a good song that many prefer listening to.

16: Fik Famaica– I could first criticize Fik but let’s all believe he had management issues. However, Omu bwati has been on everyone’s play list. I therefore congratulate Fik for defeating all odds to remain on the top.

17: Fefe Bussi– In 2018, the nigga drove us crazy with his freestyles which hasn’t been the case this year. But still, he had something for us “Love Yo” that many of us liked and credited him again.

18: Carol Kasita– Very energetic and entertaining in her delivery. Nkuba yakka and the dance strokes in the video made me fall in musical love with the artiste. Thanks Carol.

19: Levixon– Its undoubtedly believed by all that he’s the best gospel singer as for now. Chichikombe if not mistaken with the title has been another turn the replay.

20: Bennie Gunter– This guy is very talented, in fact he can be another Patoranking. However he has been unlucky that a few understand his dancehall type of music. Oba because of English!!!!. Dear Bennie Gunter, can’t you do something like Tubayo?

NOTE: This list has been composed without any biasness but basing on individual input, airplays and club plays received by a particular individual or Musician. Credit also goes to musicians like Shammy K, OS, Nina Roz, Winnie Nwagi, and Weasel for proving to the world that they can.



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