Name: Mutoni Zulaika

Age: 22yrs

Status: Single

Institution: Islamic University in Uganda MC

Course: LLB

Year of Study: 3

Position in students’ Guild/Any post at campus: General secretary LSS 2018/2019
Aspiring Vice Lady LSS 2019/2020, Legal Adviser IuIu patrotism club 2018/2019.

Hobbies: Dancing, Singing and Poetry

Fav Color: Pink

Fav. Musician: Jordan Sparks

Fav Trailer/Movie: Salt-Angelina Jolie

Role model: My Mother

Football Team: Manchester Utd

Between your course and personality, what makes you satisfied?: My course. I’m a very friendly person and l like interacting with people. As a law student, it has given me a chance to get more knowledge.

Where do you see yourself after 5 years?: I see myself in the next five years as an advocate.With a great business and l wish to open up an orphanage lnsha Allah.

What is hardest decision have ever made?: The hardest decision l have ever made was the decision to change my course from Education to Law.

What do you like about your institution?: My institution
IUIU is a very unique university. lt has good policies that help students to attain good morals since it is based on the principles of sharia.

Where do you think your university has failed: The university has failed to maintain equality in that it does not consider non Muslims especially in politics.

How would you recommend it?: I would recommend the university to put into consideration the issue of non Muslims. They should be involved in the university guild leadership since they are also part of the university.

How many stars would you give your campus out of 5?: 4 Stars

Whats your message to students of your campus?: My fellow students, always believe in yourself, you have the ability to do any kind of work whatever it is easy or tough. Be confident and work hard to achieve your dream.

Anything you wish the public should about you: l am a very kind and respectful person. l like making friends and sharing.

Your Social Media links(Optional)
Facebook: Mutoni Zulaika

Whatsapp: 0750428510/077777094

Profile brought to you by MISSION RAMANTHAN JUMA FOR UNSA GS 2019




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