Name:Hilary Tumusiime Charbel – Lary Chary

Age: 27 years

Status: Single

Campus: Makerere University Business School (MUBS)

Course: B. Transport and Logistics Management (BTLM)

Year of Study: Year Two(2)

Hobbies: Singing, swimming, Writing among others.

Sports team: Uganda Cranes

Fav Color: Black and White

Fav Trailer: See

Fav Musician: Late Lucky Dube

Role model: Mr kiiza Leonard (My Dad)

Position/role held at campus: Chairperson Concerned Citizens of MUBS

Position of Interest at Campus: Guild President of MUBS

What makes the you best alternative for that post?:
By God’s mercy and Grace I will believe I will make it.

If trusted, what should students expect from you in the first 60days of office?:

  • Appreciating students for voting me into the power.
  • Appointing a competent and functional cabinet based on capability.
  • Accomplishing what the previous regime left pending and planning the baby steps of the executive of my manifesto.

Hardest decision you’ve ever made: Stepping down for my siblings to first complete school after my form six.

What do you like most between your course and personality?: Personality

Why that?: My personality is whom I am. The course am currently pursuing is a mere addition to who I am.
Therefore I choose personality.

What do you like about your campus?: It’s the coolest campus in East Africa and beyond. MUBS has the coolest, smartest, most hospitable and most entrepreneurial students.

Where do you think it has failed?: In successfully uniting the students.

How would you recommend it?: I propose that MUBS should organise more events that are more involving like joint innovative challenges to be participated in by all students without regards to race, colour, creed physical appearance, program, gender among others.

How many stars would you give it out of 5?: Four (4)

What’s your view on students leadership?: Student leadership to me is one of the most important course units in the journey of an upcoming leader. It’s an avenue for both learning and serving.

Give a brief and clear insight on balancing books and leadership: For one to successfully balance leadership and academics it only takes two things;
Scheduling your day and having the discipline to follow the schedule.

Do you believe MUBS has moulded students into best employees?: It is very evident.

Which administrator do you wish to imitate at your Campus?: Dr Matama head of the procurement Department

Any message to fellow students: Just like the sun flower never stops on following the sun, we shouldn’t give up on chasing our dreams.

Hilary Tumusime a Guild aspirant at MUBS.

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