National Students petition Ministry of Education for a clarity on the Academic Year.

News on our information desk has it that a group of students under their umbrella “National Students Council” wrote to the ministry of education to come out and give them a clear stand on this year’s Academic year.

A copy of letter.

According to a letter sent to the ministry and copied to the president and parliament, it gives the government an ultimatum of seven days from day received(16th September 2020) to address the nation on the fate of education or risk a students civic disobedience against the government.

According to the letter, students roared that they’re tired of the rumors about reopening schools. “Truth must be told, we are tired of the rumors and uncertainties surrounding the Academic year 2020-2021 and it is on this ground that we give president and ministry of education 7 days ultimatum”, letter reads.

It’s important to note that all the times school reopening have announced have just remained in theory but never applied. Schools that we closed on 20th March this year are almost making 10 months closed with no clear stand reopening or declaring dead year.

Students also blame the government it’s unsuccessful attempts to sustain home learning which to them is a myth in reality.

Humphrey Chris Kikwiyakare, the president National Students Council was also not satisfied with the government decision to close all civilian schools and left military and police schools operating as if they’re Covid free. He notes that nationals didn’t bother government in regards to this because it taken as a national concern and stayed discipline.

We shall keep you posted.

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