Students checking lists.

By Katuuma Enoch.
As we dedicated ourselves to serving you through updates on current affairs from all corners of the nation, we have thought it wise to give you updates on what is currently trending at Law development centre(LDC).

On Monday 16th. March as we informed you that LDC students had started their exams with amounting pressure and panic as students for their first time were going to be subjected to oral exams, by 6pm the same day, the pressure had reduced and it seemed that students were now getting used to the situation. The next morning Tuesday 17th. March looked like as if the exams had been finished since students arrived at the premises of LDC during their usual time at 7:30am compared to the first day where by 5:45am the parking lot was full and the space left wasn’t enough to accommodate other students with vehicles. However by the end of yesterday Tuesday 17th around 5pm, the pressure remounted again when panelist of some course units decided to deviate away from the timetable and resorted to calling students to appear and answer questions in other course units, this was as a result of their speed of conducting the exercise at a very high speed and were left redundant.

This was an ambush that even students who had exams the next day as per the timetable were called upon to be handled. They had no option but to cause appearance since it was indicated on the time table that “Note, the panel is at discretion to examine a student in more than one course unit and are not bound by the time table. Students are therefore advised to prepare in advance.”

This led to embarrassment of many students as they had nothing to present to the extent of making the panels to ask questions outside the course unit which happened to be simple to them but an ambush to a student.

Despite the complain from the students, this is still on going and a good number of students today wed 18th are going to be examined on course units which per the timetable are meant to be conducted on the subsequent dates.

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