Reports on our Newsdesk indicate that at least 190 students are most likely to miss LDC exams due to failure to raise 95% attendance of LDC activities which is a requirement for one to be assessed.

On 13th March, lists were pinned on both Mabrara and Kampala campus LDC notes boards bearing names of those to seat for exams.

However, a group of students have appealed to the administration to pardon them asserting that their attendance were not just recorded by the responsible officer. We have also learnt that some Former IUIU students are among the victims. They however told us that their case is understandable since they were permitted to attend their graduation ceremony on 3rd November 2019 in Mbale.

Students checking lists.

Exams both oral and written are to start on 16th March and 4th April respectively.

According to the 2019/20 LDC admission, students are subjected to two exams which includes oral exams in category A and written exams in category B are conducted as final exams. Category B is also a compulsory category that all papers in it are done by all students.

Our LDC reporter told us that Oral exams will start on 16th March and various students will be subjected to this category exams by different panelists who include judges of the high court, lawyers, and lawyers in making. We also learnt that counsel Kabega a reknown criminal lawyer remembered in the Kato Kajubi murder case will be among the panelists.

One students told us that that they are prepared for these exams following the guidance they have got during the course.

These exams contribute 50% of the students final Mark.
One of the panelists told our reporter that they are only interested in one’s confidence and ability to argue out cases.

We shall keep you posted..



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