Age: 24yrs

Status single

Campus: IUIU kampala campus

Course: Bachelor of medicine and surgery.

Year of Study: Year 4

Hobbies: football, swimming and reading.

Sports team: Liverpool fc

Fav Color: Black

Fav Trailer: Mission impossible : Rogue nation

Fav Musician: Drake

Role model: My dad

Position held at campus: Guild President iuiu-kc

Hardest decision ever made: Travelling all the way to uganda to study medicine.

What do you like most between your course and personality?:
To be able to help people is one thing that i like most in my course and thus my personality.

Give a brief and clear insight on balancing books leadership:
This is my 3rd year being in student leadership and i have learnt that to balance these two you must prioritise your studies and learn to delegate some work to relief the burden.

What do you like about your campus?:
The community spirit, we are very diverse in culture but once we step into the gates we are one and the staff also adds up more in terms of help and direction.

Where do you think it has failed?:
University doesn’t intercalate student events into university timetable. You might have an event on going but all classes have lectures so its hard to mobilise or the students have to choose either the event or classes.

How would you recommend it?:
The student leaders should be considered when coming up with university timetable so that some days and events are prioritised.

How many stars would you give it out of 5?: I would give it 4.

What’s your view on IUIU students’ leadership?: Though the university has done great in academics, when it comes to the aspect of leadership they haven’t groomed students enough. By this i mean they don’t give the students the 100% confidence and trust. They usually monitor every aspect which in someway is good thing but it doesnt prepare them for the reality.

Do you believe IUIU has given its students that they deserve in the job market?& How?:
I would say yes, because i dont expect the university to be the one engaging in searching jobs for its students. There role is to prepare the students physically and intellectually which they have done well.

As a guild president, you involve in most of the University activities. How have such activities been affected in this period?:
In my point of view, i think this pandemic came out of the blue and no one was expecting it. So, there was no prior plan of how things would be running. The government abrupt closure of institutions has led to halt of all activities even though everyone is trying to change to digital but it is not also an easy way.

What is your take on E-learning?:
Theoretically, it looks like a good project but once you look at whats on ground it might not be beneficial to everyone across. Some Students will be left behind, that is if they lack either a smartphone(computer) or the internet. So am still against it until it’s corrected. I believe we all deserve an equal opportunity.

Which administrator do you wish to imitate at your Campus?:
Our Campus Director Dr Matovu Musa.

Any message to fellow students:
To all my fellow students of IUIU, i hope you are doing well and its my prayer that we meet soon InnShaAllah. For now stay safe wherever you are.

H.E Omar Mohamud during his happier times.
While at Campus.

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