Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament Betty Nambooze has expressed concern over Church of Uganda’s act of donating food relief to the COVID-19 National Task Force when casual workers at Uganda Christian University (UCU) are starving. It should be noted that UCU is owned by the Church of Uganda.

Hon.Betty Nambooze.

According to madam teacher, on Thursday she received a petition from the hungry workers of UCU pleading for food which made her ask why Church of Uganda had to donate food worth millions of shillings to government when its casual workers are dying of hunger.

“I was meditating as I finished there was someone at the gate to deliver a petition from the hungry workers of Uganda Christian University ! The causal workers from Uganda Christian University are petitioning my Office for food…they are starving with their families! Interestingly the Church of Uganda picked food worth millions of money and donated it to the Rugunda National Task force,” said Nambooze.

“Who goes to donate food to be praised when people in his home are dying of hunger?” she wondered.

A few days ago, Church of Uganda led by the Archbishop Stephen Kazimba Mugalu donated 28,250 kilograms of maize flour and 500kg of beans to the government towards the COVID-19 emergency response program to help feed the vulnerable communities.


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