MUBS Guild President laughs at the president Museveni guidelines calling them acts of panic

On 30th March, the president addressed the country on the pandemic disease and gave more guidelines to help curb the situation in the country.

However, the guild president of Makerere University Business School-MUBS, Mr. Tusingeiri Romulus laughed at the guidelines saying were made out of fear and panic.
“For the first time I have to say that the president has made decisions based on panic, pressure and bias,” Mr. Tusingwire wrote on his timeline while arguing that people will find difficult to attain food if boda bodas, and private vehicles banned.

“How will the infected be transported to hospitals?,” he asked and prophecised that a high rate of poverty, hunger, inflation, panic, chaos, high crime rate, and brutality of police will be at peak claiming that the government has capacity to support the 42 million Ugandans.


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