Meet Salmin Mariam Hamid and her view on iuiu politics in this week’s students profile



Name:Salmin Mariam Hamid.

Age: 22 Years Old

Status: Married

Campus: IUIU K.C

Course: LLB

Year of Study: Year 4

Hobbies: Eating , Mostly Brownie

Sports team: Arsenal

Fav Color: Yellow

Fav Trailer: None

Fav Musician: Depending on the Trending Hit Song

Role model: A Cocktail Of Every Outstanding Woman Out There, Ms. joyce Hilda Banda, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Stella Nyanzi(to Some Extent) , Mama Winnie Mandela, My Own Mummy and a lot More….

Any Position at campus: Currently No, But I’m the Former Minister Campus Affairs, Former Deputy A.G in The Law Society, Former Lady President For (IUKSA) Kenyan Students Association. Former Deputy Prime Minister And Any other In case I’ve Forgotten!!!!

Hardest decision ever made: Choosing the Truth Over any Sort Of Relationship.

What do you like about your campus?: It’s Close to Cafe Javas and KFC so I can always access My Fav Meals anytime any day.

Where do you think it has failed?: With Mature Partisan Politics. They’ve truly Failed on that

How would you recommend it?: They Should Embrace Mature Partisan Politics Because it’s Where We’re Headed to after the University. I believe every Young Politician Deserves Empowerment in their Carrier.

What’s your view on IUIU students leadership?IUIU leadership according to my own Personal Opinion isn’t One that gives a Young Politician avenue to Explore or Experience the actual pressure In Mature Politics. The School Focuses a lot on Taming the Candidates which isn’t a requirement to test, They’re Supposed to Let the Students Unleash Their Skills on How to control a lot of things amongest Themselves. Expression Of IUIU Politics Lacks a lot. We’re the Only University with Non Partisan Politics therefore we are on Curfew During The Time Of School then after School we’re expected to Represent the University in National Politics Which Turns Out so Challenging!!!! However I’m Proud that Some Of Our Former Guild Presidents have Made it in National Politics, the Likes Of Saidi.T. and Kamugisha Kassim, and Maybe any other that I’ve not heard about!!!!

For the first time, vote rigging was realized at females campus. Give a comment on IUIU E-voting: Now it Happened For the First Time that Rigging was Realized at Kabojja Campus, this Gives Me a Feeling that Maybe it has Been happening same way Before🤷‍♀️ Just that this Time Vigilance Was at it’s Best!!!! I Kinda Applaud E-Voting But then With the Cases Of this 2020 We would Rather Opt For Paper Ballot Inshallah. Let Aspiring Candidates always agree on Paper Ballot for Secure Plain Results without a Back Door Involvement.

How many stars would you give it out of 5?: 3.5

What do you like most between your course and personality?: I love My Personality a lot, Considering the Fact that My Career is an Element Of My Personality……
Why that?: Because they Depend On each Other For Me to Be Comfortable.

Any message to fellow students: I Love Them So Much, except those who Know I don’t…..

Salmin during a cultural event at IUIU KC.

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