Name: Lubega Emmanuel Brian

Age: 29

Status: Married

Campus: IUIU Mbale Campus

Course: LLB

Year of Study: Class of 2013

Hobbies: Soccer and golf

Sports team: Man United and SC villa

Fav Color: Green

Fav Trailer: Bad Boys 3

Fav Musician: Bebe Cool n Ykee Banda

Role model: Amama Mbabazi

Any Position at campus: Worked as the legal advisor and GS NRM Chapter, coordinator of UthFat house, member of paliament at Abu mayanja house and faculty of law.

Hardest decision ever made: Moving on from a heartbreak

What do you like about your campus?: Iuiu has groomed me to a better person in the society.

Why did you choose IUIU?: I chose it because I wanted to be groomed in a morally upright University.

Where do you think it has failed?: It has failed to expose the youths to the real world (modern Uganda)

How would you recommend it?: I would humbly recommend it to try expose the students to the real world.

How many stars would you give it out of 5?: 4/5

What do you like most between your course and personality?: My course.

Why that?: My course has made me to be respected in the society ,law being a prestigious profession I have gotten fair treatment from the local masses.

How have you been relevant to your community?: I have been able to help the less previledged and served my clients through my firm LUBEGA ASSOCIATES which deals in corporate law.

How can one get your help?: They can contact me on 0702720372/0783212791

Any message to students: My message to students is that they should have hope and believe in Allah for everything,and also have to get role models(in the same career) who will inspire them in their field and career.

Profile Powered By: Mutoni Zulaika For LSS Lady Vice IU Main Campus



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