Meet Kasemiire Catherine the Campus Director Hult Prize OnCampus programme in this week students profile



Name: Kasemiire Catherine

Age: 22

Status: Single

Institution: Islamic University in Uganda-Females campus

Course: LLB

Year of Study: IV

Position in students’ Guild/Any post at campus: Vice president LSS and Min. of Justice and Constitutional Affairs in students guild.

Hobbies: Swimming

Fav Color: Black

Fav. Musician:Brandy

Fav Trailer/Movie: Barefoot

Role model: My Mom

Football Team: The one that wins.

Between your course and personality, what makes you satisfied?: Personality

Why personality?: Knowing your personality type is important…your course will obviously just fit in.

In not more than 3 words, describe your personality: A good listener 😊

Where do you see yourself after 5 years?: Hopefully one of the great human rights advocate.

What is hardest decision you’ve ever made?: Studying law.

What was your plan before and how did you settle for the law course?: I was advised to opt for a business course because my friends were going for the same. My Mom was supportive. She helped me out on getting to do the law course.

How have you found the law course?: It has been a journey..With some ups and downs. Some good lessons learnt, I have reaped so much though. And it has made me the person I’m.

What do you like about your institution?:IUIU and Females campus in particular has a very calm environment.. And the fact that it’s adjusting to fit into the students affairs Thanks to our director Dr. Madina.

Where do you think your university has failed?: It has failed to address the issue of Christian students contesting for the guild position in all its campuses..

How would you recommend it?: IUIU admits all religions so there shouldn’t be any inequalities.

How many stars would you give your campus out of 5?: 4stars

Whats your message to students of your campus?: Successful students aren’t those that get straight Az but those who know the habit of winning…

Anything you wish the public should about you: I love reality..realistic views, opinions and people.

Your Social Media handles
Facebook: Cathy Ebura
Twitter: @Cathyebura
Whatsapp: 0773552520

“Kasemiire Catherine is also the campus director of IUIU in the OnCampus Hult Prize program”

Contact 0704023990 to appear on our profile page.



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