Name: Kakaire Samuel

Age: 22

Status: Single

Campus: IUIU Kampala Campus

Course: LLB

Year of Study: Year 3

Hobbies: Football, Pool table, Music

Sports team: Manchester United, Busoga United

Fav Color: Red

Fav Trailer: Prison Break

Fav Musician: Bobi wine

Role model: Rev Father Gongaz Kayaga Richard

Any Position at campus: Currently none.
Hardest decision ever made: Letting go not because I want, but because I have to.

What do you like about your campus?: Conducive Learning Environment.

Where do you think it has failed?: It has failed to groom Leaders that are visible even after campus.

How would you recommend it?: It should open students leadership positions for all students to allow Effective Competition.

How many stars would you give it out of 5?:4
What do you like most between your course and personality?: My Personality ( Social, approachable and hardworking)

Why that?: Because It enables me appreciate the differences which do exist between people and then focus on our similar Goal.

What’s your view on IUIU leadership?:
The Students Leadership of iuiu is more restrictive to particular things that are in the Best interest of the university than those of the students more so in the Guild Leadership

Give a brief and clear insight on the society/ school you subscribe to:
I can just sum up the insight in only one sentence that… The society is Good and it’s going to be Great during our time in office

Do you believe the society is on a right direction?: Give reason:
Yes the society is a bit in the right direction however somehow slow, and still failing on the Key issues like sensitising it’s subscribers on its importance
I know students pay money as subscription but they can’t really know what the money is used for or how it operates.
There is alot of patronage to an extent that students can’t fully enjoy the benefits of the society.
This happens because honestly the society has never sensitized students on what they ought to benefit from the society and that’s a lopehole

On record, the law society is the most respected students association at IUIU. How do you intend to maintain this if given a chance?:
Am not only Willing to just maintain the current status of Law Society Kampala Campus because to me, the society deserves more than what it’s experiencing now. We want to boost it to the next Level so that it keeps in a dynamic state, to make it outstanding in all Competitive challenges beyond the University Boundaries.. Because if;
we can create Unity among law students,
Teach the values of the law society, sensitive students as the most immediate aspect, create Goals to be achieved and stick to them.
My fellow students,
Honestly law school at IUIU-KC will be a world full of wonders.

Name that administrator you wish to imitate at your school: Dr Isaac C Lubogo

Any message to fellow students: We should realise why we are at the university, discover our potentials in different fields and then Better our best in those fields because never was anything great achieved without danger.


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