Life at LDC is Hectic but has groomed me in academic integrity-Says Katuuma in the Weekly profile



Name: Katuuma Luwuta Enock (hajji)

Age: 24

Status: Single

Institution: Law Development Centre (Kampala campus)

Course: Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (PGDLP)

Year of Study: 1st term Academic year 2019/2020

Position in students’ Guild/Any post at campus: Shadow minister

Hobbies: I love partying, travelling and watching dramma

Fav Color: Black and White

Fav. Musician: Bobi wine

Fav Trailer/Movie: Ashok

Role model: Justice Egonda Ntende

Football Team: Arsenal

Between your course and personality, what makes you satisfied?: My personality portrays out my course therefore one can't stand without the other for my satisfaction

Where do you see yourself after 5 years?: An employer and CEO of the best performing charitable organization in the nation

What is hardest decision have ever made?: To let my best friend go out of my life after sinning against me

What do you like about your institution?: It perfects my personality and builds confidence in me.

Where do you think your institution has failed:

  1. Failure to restore supplimentary exams which previously accommodated students who had failed the papers
  2. Inadequate facilities to the Moslem community

How would you recommend it?:

  1. To restore supplimentary exams
  2. To interact with Moslem community and address their concerns

How many stars would you give your campus out of 5?: 3 stars

Whats your message to students of your campus?:By the fact that our course is short lived for a grace period of 9 months,

  1. we should triple our efforts not to be seen at the center the coming year.
  2. We should also avoid conflict of interests with our administrators, and finally
  3. we should be our brothers keepers by sharing knowledge and avoid selfish tendencies

Where did u finish your degree from?: Islamic University In Uganda-Main campus.

How have you found life at the LDC?: It's hectic but it has groomed me into a person of integrity via academics, I have also met new friends.

How do you compare yourself as an IUIU student to other students from other institutions: Am morally upright and submissive in lectures as well as workshops/discussions. I also believe am much down to earth compared to others.

Anything you wish the public should know: Its prudent for the citizens to know the laws governing their nation to avoid being caught offside and because sector is moved on rules and regulations I argue those who can make it to take a short course in relation to law to avoid being doomed

Your Social Media handles

  • Facebook: Katuuma Luwuta Bash
  • Whatsapp: 0751302800
Enock during the graduation ceremony at IUIU


Contact/whatsapp +256704023990 to appear on this page as our profile



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