The Islamic University In Uganda Kampala Campus Law Students Society has on Wednesday found itself divided on the conduct of Masaba Simon the Society’s Moot Minister.

According to an authentic source, members resorted to fighting for power within. A source informed is that a one Joel Jerry who also works the Attorney General in the Society. According to Masaba, Jerry took up his(Masaba the moot minister) responsibility by passing information about an upcoming Moot.

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However, a member informed us that while in a whatsapp group discussion, Jerry was inquiring about registration for Jessup moot something that Masaba misinterpreted and started abusing Jerry and whoever was on his side.

Its the above that annoyed the moot minister who interpreted it as interfering in his duties.

The war of words continued tough amongst members in their whatsapp group conversations something that has forced the Society’s executive headed by Ssenyonga Julius the president LSS to call for an emergency meeting aimed at bringing everything to order.

According to a certain post seen by The Campus Torch, members believe that calling for a vote of no confidence in Masaba and on 29th at 1pm, a meeting will be conveyed via zoom.

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