Islamic University Students Union (IUSU) Government says the revival of halls of attachment is a long lasting initiative.

2019-2020 IUSU Government Minister of Information Tumwa Ramadhan Lule popularly known as Rham says the initiative will be sustained because the beneficiaries are the students.

“The revival of the halls of attachment is an initiative that we have come up with to unite students in IUIU. The halls of attachment will be maintained just to allow the students to network for their own benefit on the campus and after graduating,” he says.

Lule urges students to know their halls of attachment on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), on admission forms or at the IUSU offices.

“We have halls of attachment and halls of residence. The two halls are different. Halls of residence are where students sleep but halls of attachment are where students belong to attend various activities in IUIU,”

“We have revived the halls of attachment that have been inactive since 2007. If you need to know your hall, go on ERP, your admission form or visit the IUSU offices,” Lule says.

On how the halls will be surviving financially, the Minister says IUSU is discussing an approach with the university adminstration to be generating money and also former students of IUIU will be supporting the halls.

“The university has former students and they will come back to support the halls of attachment they were belonging to,” he says.

Lule says, the future of the initiative is promising as it has been witnessed in the past two weeks after the official launch.

“Students from different countries, tribes and cultures are now able to interact in their halls of attachment. This is a way to go and we are sure that the peaceful coexistence will be maintained. The life of today is about who knows you. Through the halls of attachment students will be able to call one another for job opportunities after graduating,” he says.

Islamic University in Uganda Main campus revived the halls of attachment two weeks ago in Mbale municipality.

IUIU Vice Rector responsible for Academic Affairs Professor Ismail Gyagenda launched the initiative.The revived halls are UTH-FAT, ABU-AISHA, ALI-HAFSA and UMAR-KHADIJA


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