A one student identified as Gessa Yasin at the law faculty in his 3rd year wrote to the university through social media requesting for help in the online learning.
Gessa said the University should aware that they(students) are now in villages. “We are not refusing to embrace the E-Learning but we are calling upon you to understand that we are in villages”, Gessa wrote.

He further stretched that they are living in places without internet cafes and everything is almost locked up.

“I wonder where they want us to access the research books,” Gessa wondered.

According to him, he says that they can’t only base on the internet work because they were not prepared for the situation.

“Besides this covid 19 thing came, none of us was prepared for it”, he added while reminding university administrators that not all students have laptops nor tablets to type courseworks being asked.

Gessa looks at this as being unfair to them as students where some are vulnerable.
“I pray that this wrong shouldn’t go without a remedy”, Gessa concluded.

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