Somali students at IUIU Main Campus celebrate their Eid today.

News on our information desk indicate that Somali students at Islamic University In Uganda Main Campus had their Eid celebrations today. According to an interaction with this group of students, they elaborated to us that Ramadan this year was of 29 days basing on the Islamic calendar with focus on the month of Shaban the 8th Islamic month.
“Shaban was of 30days, and so Ramadan is supposed to take 29 days”, a Somali student shared to us continuing that they had their prayers as Somali students to mark end of Ramadan and beginning of Shawal.

A group of Somali students pose for a photo after their Eid prayers

It’s has been put to our notice that Somalia as a country too had it’s Eid Celebrations today the 23rd of May.

“In Somalia, the moon was sighted and we prayed today including some parts of Kenya”, Sulaiman Farah a former prime minister IUIU told us.

After Eid prayers

The Somali students at IUIU argue that when Shaban completes 30 days, Ramadan runs for 29days and that’s what they followed.

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