IUIU second year law student asks gov’t to intervene in the violation of human rights by it’s security organs.

A second year law student at Islamic University In Uganda identitifeid as Ojambo Innocent Gabriel has added a voice urging the Ugandan government to intervene on the misunderstanding of the president’s directives in the fight against Corona virus.
He argues that the implementation has resulted into brutality, injury and abuse of human rights.
The police spokes person addressed the same and uged that the acts should stop with immediate effect.

Also the gov’t spokesperson on media, OFwono Opondo when appearing to a televised show dubbed the frontline on a local TV station urged the security heads to explain further the directive to avoid the violation of human rights.

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  1. Innocent indeed u hv a point becz security officials hv always taken advantage of such situations to malicious beat up da Nationals on several occasions n yet nothing z done abt t


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