Islamic University In Uganda is to Suspend workers’ contracts with effect from 1st June 2020 due to low incomes caused by the pandemic

The pandemic which broke out in December 2019 and declared a pandemic in late January reaching Uganda on 21st March(As per the first case) has brought many changes in the job market as different organizations continue to lay off workers.

Page 1 of the letter.

Islamic University In Uganda according to a letter dated 13th May 2020 signed by the chairman university council and the Rector calls for lay off of services rendered to the University by it’s full time employees.
The university claims it can no longer withstand payments of its full time workers since the main source of income was cut off. “By the time of the University’s temporary closure, most of the students had not fully paid their fees. You are also aware that students tuition is the main source of income for the University”, the letter reads, continuing that the University currently receives no income from the students because of the temporary closure.
Page2 of the letter.

Despite the current situation, the University assures it’s employees their salaries from March up to May after having successfully cleared payments for March and April.

The letter further reads that workers will continue with their services up to 31st May and a few departments Security will be retained to continue with their services. Such departments will be issued letters for their retention. “The staff who will be retained as from 1st June 2020 shall be written to by the university secretary and informed of the terms of rentation agreed upon”, the letter continued.

The university also informed it’s workers that normal business will immediately continue as soon as education institutions are reopened and all employees with running contracts will start off their work.
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