IUIU cauncels employee suspension as Rector clarifies public on issue.

Following news that hit media on 16th and 17th May that the university had laid off it’s workers, on 19th May the rector Islamic University In Uganda Dr. Ahmad Kawesa Ssengendo addressed media and public about the matter and made clarifications

According to Dr. Ahmad, no campus of IUIU was closed nor laying off workers and university activities were going on except teaching.

The letter dated 13th May signed by the Chairman University Council and the Rector stated that the suspension would ease when universities are allowed to reopen.

However, presidential address of 18th May permited education institutions to reopen with candidates or final year students. The suspension of all full time employees contracts was therefore canceled.

In his address, Dr. Ssengendo also said that all staff will continue with their duties beyond the 31st May, 2020 as communicated before saying that it came after seeking guidance from the NCHE.

The Rector asked all Deans, Deputy Deans, Head of Departments, the lecturers of final year students to report to their respective campuses by the 26th May, 2020 , and plan to start lectures.

Dr Sengendo stretched that the Institution values its staff and refutes media reports that it laid off it’s workers and closed the four campuses.

“The University has never been closed since it started in 1988 , it is not closed now ; and Insha Allah (God willing) will remain open to eternity,” The Rector said.


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