H.E Nantongo Bashira the Guild President IUIU females campus.

Nantongo Bashirah a second student of education at Islamic University In Uganda and the guild president of the university’s females campus based in Kabojja has asked the Ugandan government to be considerate as it requests for funds from its citizens.
In her letter titled DEDUCTION OF 10.000 UGX she wrote the following,
I first of all salute the Ugandans who respected the president’s directives and stayed home at all costs, lndeed you are heros and this shows that you can do everything in favour of your motherland.

I then salute the government of Uganda for taking precaution towards the spread of this pandemic.

I then salute the Uganda police force, the local defense unit (LDU), the army and traffic police.

I recognize the efforts of the national response to Covid19 or the national task force. You have indeed tried your best in the struggle.

My humble appeal to the government is;
-The government needs to be considerate in a way that these are the same citizens who have been paying the high taxes before covid19.
– The government needs to take caution on the unnecessary expenditure amongst it’s officials. The idea of deduction of money from the salary of employees would have been better if the funds were managed maturely.
-What are the Ugandans benefiting from the abrupt taxes they are assigned by the same people they appoint into power???
– The most touching part is that the poor Ugandans have been locked down for more than 50 days.

My humble appeal to the Ugandans is that power is in your hands. Please vote wisely, the habbit of voting for money seems so backward. Let us change our country. Vote for proper representation in the parliament. The domancy amongst the member of parliaments is alarming.

If the funds were managed responsibly, then the idea of soliciting funds would have been for a good cause and therefore necessary.

I would wish to remind our dear leaders that you will account for your leadership on that day
# The day of judgement

Yours in concern
Nantongo Bashira
Guild president IUIU FC



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