Musiri David blamed the regime for using government resources to divert Makerere students from the core cause of fighting the tuition increment. “The entire Friday night was spent in merry making across all halls of residence. Salim Saleh’s money has played a big role in leading students astray,” Musiri said.

He further added that a list of students to be compensated successfully divided the members of the guild.

It is said that the guild finance minister, Hon. Nsamba created ghost names for his own advantage with claims that more than shs 30m was put in his hands and this silenced Makerere students leaders.

Musiri David also condemned the guild leadership for setting ugly precedents of using students’ tears for selfish reasons blaming Kateregga Julius for acting like his predecessors of the 84th guild. “He is here and there which of course ain’t good for the struggle. If you stand for the oppressed, stand with them to the last minute”, Music added and advised Kateregga Julius to stand his ground since double standards kill credibility of leadership.



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