Fear as unkown people threaten to burn IUIU Mbale


A group of unknown individuals threaten to burn Islamic University In Uganda main campus.

According to our true sources, unknown people threw letters around IUIU main campus and were threatening to set fire on the campus.

After such letters landing into hands of administrators, the university secretary rushed and convened a meeting that included the OC station IUIU police post, security officer IUIU, Academic Registrar, Dean faculty of law and year 3 law students. This took place on 14th Jan in the university boardroom.

Torch sources have it that year 3 law students were suspected to have written such letters and that’s why their dean and them were involved in the meeting.

According to a story got from one of the year 3 students, he told us this dates back in semester 1 during the test week. The student claimed that some were failed to sit for a test because they lacked the requirements. However, some hesitated and continued with the paper. He further told us that a one lecturer who was invigilating forwarded their (students) names to the examination committee claiming that they were cheating exams(test) which is against the university rules.

Those students were called in the committee in December according to a letter to prove their innocence.

Our sources have it that LLB3 students wished not to be lectured by the same lecturer because of the early incident and were willing to turn violent.

A source believes that its among those students (LLB3) that author of the letter that threatened to burn the university may belong.

However, on 14th Jan 2020, The management of Islamic University in Uganda through the University PRO md. Kantono Rehemah notified the general public that matter was being handled by police. “The Management of IUIU would wish to assure the students and the general public that the matter is in the hands of the security team and investigations are on going”, said Kantono Rehema.

We shall keep you posted.



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