30 Years


Islamic University In Uganda, Arua Campus

Bachelor of Public Administration (B.P.A)

Year of Study:

Playing football
Reading Newspaper, Novals, and

Sports team:
Manchester United

Fav Color:
Pink, red and purple.

Fav Trailer:
First and Furious

Fav Musician: Kofi Olomide

Role model: Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, Kenneth Kaunda, Muamar Gaddafi.

Position held at campus:
Guild president 2019-2020

Hardest decision ever made:
My hardest decision was contesting for the position of Guild President.

What do you like most between your course and personality?: The course reminds me to fully understand the work environment in which i operate and improved my leadership and management competence.

Why that?:
It’s about people management.

What do you like about your campus?:
The friendly and parental conduct of the administrators. They are real mentors.

Where do you think it has failed?:
Understaffing, Infrastructural development, Introduction of new courses, Bridging the gap between the University and the community.
Inadequate funding for co-curricular activities as the cheapest means of mobilization.
Lack of independence of the institution over dependence on the main campus for every decision with financial implications.

How would you recommend it?:
Need semi-autonomy for the university especially in making certain decisions bearing Minor financial implications.
Provide sufficient funding for co-curricular activities as a means of mobilization.
Need to establish a full campus.

How many stars would you give it out of 5?:
4 stars

What’s your view on IUIU leadership?:
There is no dought about IUIU leadership
Since then the university has been blessed with visionary leaders.

Give a brief and clear insight on balancing books and leadership: Everything is about sacrifice. As a student you must know why you are at the institution, which therefore indicates that Education is priority one and others are added advantages.

Always have to do list and use of time tables

Do you believe IUIU’s Arua campus has a similar learning environment like other sister campuses?:

Why should a student choose Arua campus at the expense of other campuses?: 1-The Tuition is pocket friendly.

2-Qualified and Committed lecturers.

3-The location of the Campus beinh at the heart of Arua city.

Share with us your experience with Arua campus of IUIU:
The experience i got was when I was contesting for Guild president, i realised that politics is not an easy thing to go with, it requires a lot of resources, been diverse in almost all the fields and when I became the Guild president am able to sit with big men on a round table and discuss issues of students affairs.

Handling challenging student’s issues.
Limited infrastructure leading to inadequate space. The university is operating at half capacity.

By merit, IUIU is known for producing Moral students in the region. This accords IUIU & students respect in the region. How do you intend to maintain this as a leader?:
Always by putting God before everything and things will flow accordingly.
By practicing all that was acquired in class.
And walk the talk
Upholding the values of the university.

Which administrator do you wish to imitate at your Campus?:
Mr. Abdul Walid Ijosiga

Any message to fellow students:
I thank them from the bottom of my heart for the profoundly decisions they made to join IUIU as one of the best University in the country and I am encouraging my brothers and sisters from other religions to join IUIU because IUIU provides equal rights and opportunities to all students irrespective of their religious beliefs.
IUIU has got one of the best lecturers in the world who gives 80% of learning materials
The lecturers and administrators are down to earth to help the students pass their exams.
The warm welcoming ambiance accorded by Muslim students to the Christians is beyond description
All in all IUIU prepares the students to become God fearing, accountable and transparent leaders in their localities.
Remember COVID-19 is real and it kills.strictly adhere to the SOPs and the guidelines provided by ministry of health.

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