Name: Nakabugo Afusa

Age: 22yrs

Status: Single

Campus: Islamic University In Uganda Females Campus.

Course: Bachelor of Social Work and Social Administration

Year of Study: Year 3

Hobbies: Sleeping, reading novies, being with my loved ones

Favorite Colour: Blue

Favorite Trailer: Super 8

Favorite Musician: Juliana kanyomonzi

Sports Team: Manchester United

Role Model: My mother

Position held at campus: Minister of Arts and social science

Hardest decision ever made: Becoming a leader while studying because you get a lot of challenges

Do you fear responsibilities?: I don’t fear but of course you know it takes alot to a leader. So you face many challenges and you have to mantain good grades. It takes a strong heart to balance all.

What do you like most between your course and personality?: My course.

Why that?: My course teaches me how to deal with all human beings regardless of their behaviours. I associate with everyone

What do you like about your campus?: It’s Environment

Where do you think it has failed?:On habdling late registration issue. Students fail to pay in time because they don’t have money but still the university impose late registration fee on them.

How would you recommend it?: I recommend it as one of the best universities in Uganda for girl child education

How many stars would you give it out of 5?:4 stars

What’s your view on IUIU students leadership?: Every leadership at any level is never simple but it depends on how you balance it. In IUIU leadership its like any other place depending on how you handle it

Give a brief and clear insight on balancing books and leadership: Everything has its own time, it’s just balancing them well and give everything its own time, not forgetting that we need both and not leaving any behind.

Do you believe IUIU females campus has given a girl child that she deserves, How?: Yes, it has given a girl child what she deserves, promoting their talents, skills, good morals and good performance

By merit, IUIU is known for producing morally upright students in the region. This accords it and it’s students respect all over. How do you intend to maintain this as a leader?: As a leader, I remind my fellows not to uproot the morals and values of our mighty campus and uphold that.

Which administrator do wish to imitate at your Campus?: Doctor Madina Nabukela

Any message to fellow students: Read hard, always pray to God and use their talents.

The Campus Torch Page of Fame


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