Well known events promoter of the Abtex promotions Mr. Musinguzi Abbey last night while on a local radio station pointed out musicians who have been supported by Ugandans in past years but have not stood to help Ugandans in these difficult moments.

Abtex assured the nation of a list of 50 musicians he had compiled that should give back to community.

He further stretched that musician Ronald Mayinja received a lot of money from the president but he’s kept silent on helping those in need.

In the very radio talk show known as Abaliko understand, Mayinja was called to clear air on Abtex claims.

Mayinja declined having received any amount from the president. However, Abtex asked him to swear death claiming life of his family if he didn’t receive any money from the president.

“I will not swear, and death should not take my family”, Mayinja said thus proving to Abtex promoter that the musician got the money.

Abtex said to release a list of those that have not helped starving Ugandans yet they’ve been supported for the last decades.


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