Name: Isiko Ronald James

Age:21 years.

Status: Single.

Campus: Mengo school of medical Laboratory Technology at Mengo hospital.

Year of Study: Year One

Hobbes: Basketball, swimming, reading, photography and making new friends.

Sports team: An NBA team called Lakers.

Favorite color: Sky Blue.

Favorite movie/ trailer: Fast and furious 9.

Favorite musician Khalid.

Role model: My dad.

Any role held at Campus: Not a big role but am a basketball team Captain.

Hardest decision ever made: Choosing between medical school and business school. I was given business at most of the universities I applied to but then I got a vision and had change in heart which was really tough ‘coz I had to go back to a certificate yet I had options for a degree.

What do you like most about your Campus?: THE way it makes sure there’s an outreach between the Tutors and the students.

Where do you think it has failed?: It hasn’t really failed at most of its work but they are so strict, which shouldn’t be the case since its adult learning.

How would you recommend it?: I recommend it as the best Medical Laboratory school in Uganda and I rate it ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️

What’s your view on students leadership?: At my campus it’s more of the Tutor’s leadership than the students because the leaders have a low connection with the students.

How do you balance books with your personality?: Balancing my books and personality has really been kind a challenging but got easy when I got a job at some health facility where I work as a Laboratory technician so it helps me catchup with my practical work at school and get a wide view on field since my course is more of “a hands on”.

Where do you see yourself after 5 years?: Really, can’t tell how I see myself in the next 5years but I really hope for more life that’s all that counts.

Do you believe your Campus has moulded the best employees?: I believe my campus my campus has done so

Which administrator do you wish to imitate?: I would wish to imitate our deputy Principal😂

Between your course and personality, what do you like most and why?: I like my course more since it has moulded my personality. It has made who I am right now in my society.

Any message to fellow students:
Make as many friends as possible and don’t undermine people and fear God among all those.

Isiko during his free time.

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