News on our information desk has it that two law students of Islamic University In Uganda at the Kampala Campus have filled a case in the courts of law against the government of Uganda following it’s brutal force used to stop riots that kicked off after the arrest of presidential candidate Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert on 18th December 2020.

Joel Jerry Walyono a year 3 student and Derrick Okello Wamboga in his second year need the Inspector General of police and Chief of Defence Forces to be punished for the aftermath of the demonstrations.

The two students blame government for using lethal and live weapons in managing the demonstrations something believed to a violation of human rights and a right to life in particular.

The applicants also blame the government through its forces for recklessly using teargas to disperse assemblies and demonstrators which is a violation of right to health and freedom of assembly.


Joel and Derrick further asked the court to order government forces to stop using lethal weapons and force in dispersing assemblies or take refresher courses on human rights enforcement, protest and riot management.

The case application which was received by the High Court of Uganda on 21st December 2020 is to be heard on further date which is yet to be communicated.
Copy of case application.

We shall keep you posted about this.


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