As students returned home after presidential directives that led to closure of all educational institutions, the guild president of IUIU found time to express his unending love for a fiance who is a course mate.

The whole of 10th June, Mr. Welunga Yusuf completed the day reminding people of covid19 and his love for a one student identified as Faridah.

Faridah, The guild’s darling 。。。

Our sources told us that Faridah too is a law student in year 3 just like Yusuf.

In one of Yusuf’s statuses, he posted praising her fiance with captions reading, “Oli byaddala mubiri ne kiwato matendo………”, meaning that she’s real and her waste too is real……..

The post forced us inquire about this fiance and Mr. President told us, ” She’s the first lady supa lady wa supa hubby Hon. Mukyala Faridah”

In a joke, our reporter told him that they have enjoyed and played IUIU ladies🤪 but Mr. Yusuf replied, “What makes a man is to pick a one lady and turn her into the queen of the world but not to play on girls. Everyone deserves a one partner hence prosperity and peace of mind”

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