Campaigning for one out of my two friends was my hardest decision: Meet Aromait Evans and his views on students leadership in this week’s profile.



Name: Aromait Evans Jordan

Age: 20 years old

Status: Student

Campus: Kyambogo University

Course: Bachelors in Development Studies

Year of Study: Year 1

Hobbies: Playing soccer and video games

Sports team: Manchester United

Fav Color: Black

Fav Trailer: Aqua man

Fav Musician: Burna Boy

Role model: Dwayne Johnson

Position/role held at campus: Group Leader

Hardest decision ever made: I had two friends aspiring for the same post and I had to decide to campaign for one.

What do you like about your campus?: Outcomes
“Teaching quality is good, personal tutors always happy to help, content fascinating and you’ll almost always get a job straight out of Kyambogo University.

Where do you think it has failed?: Students welfare: To point out a few, Kyambogo University has failed on early release of students results.

How many stars would you give it out of 5?: 3 of 5

What’s your view on students leadership?: Students leadership makes one;

  1. Goal oriented
  2. Honest
  3. Hard-working
  4. Willing to serve others
  5. A good listener
  6. A good communicator
  7. A good decision-maker
  8. Encouraging
  9. Positive
  10. Responsible

Give a brief and clear insight on relating books to personality:
Books help someone to broaden their knowledge for something better but one’s personality catches other people’s hearts to like and love what you do.

Do you believe Kyambogo University has moulded students into best employees?:
I believe so

Which administrator do you wish to imitate at your Campus?:
Dr. Lubaale Grace

What do you like most between your course and personality?:
I first of all like my course because it teaches us how to develop the world for the better and I personally believe I’ll make this happen

Why that?:
We should always learn to believe in ourselves for the better.

Any message to fellow students:
Dear fellow students, always believe in yourself. You have the ability to do any kind of work whether it is easy or tough. So be confident and work hard to get your dream.

Aromait during his free time.


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