Uganda Christian University (UCU), St Augustine International University and Busitema University have been ordered to stop admitting students for medicine and dentistry courses for lack of appropriate infrastructure.

They were also asked to distribute students already admitted on the programmes to other universities with the requisite infrastructure until they satisfy the minimum standards to teach the courses.

The orders were issued following a report by technical health experts from the East African Community (EAC) that inspected medical and dentistry schools of various universities in the region.

Regarding UCU, the report, which a source availed at the weekend, stated: “The school of medicine/faculty of medicine and university does not meet the minimum standards of medical/dental students. Therefore, upon qualification, their graduates shall not be eligible for reciprocal recognition within the EAC partner states as set out in the mutual recognition agreement and EAC inspection and recognition of medical and dental school guidelines.”

Inspection officials noted that UCU’s medical and dentistry school did not meet the minimum standards, adding that its graduates will be ineligible within the East African Community states.


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