Walusimbi Ibrahim who studies laws at Islamic University In Uganda, came out and made his requests to the president immediately after the his address. He said that all OCs in Uganda and other law enforcement units and concerned citizens of uganda should arrest, punish, discipline and detain whoever person that undermines the presidential directives.

Walusimbi Ibrahim.

He added that road blocks and patrols at all public roads and any other suspected routes in Uganda should be set up.
“This should mainly target boda boda riders, hotel and restaurant attendants, saloons, stores, other restricted premises including public gatherings”, Walusimbi added.

He further stretched that Such people who have totally failed to comply with the directives aimed at protecting us all need serious punishments and that heavy sanctions should be put.

With that, Walusimbi Ibrahim believes we shall be able to prevent and fight CORONA VIRUS together as a nation.

#StaySafeUg #StayAtHome #Covid-19


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