A group of students led by Musinguzi John, Agaba Brian and Teyebwa Davis of law Development Center Mbarara and constitutinal members of UNSA have shown their dissatisfaction and need to impeach UNSA president Mr. Byakutangaza Ezra due to his silence on the ongoing anomalies that National students meet on a daily basis ever since government declared lockdown and closure of schools.

The group blames UNSA president for being silent in times that students needed him and the association most. They argue that at least students would have been addressed by their representative body following the ongoing situations where a number of students have lost their lives, many have dropped out of school, starving, schools staying closed and UNSA remaining quiet.

Musinguzi also reminded us of the last time they heard from UNSA when lobbying for students food that many failed to get. “The reading materials that were promised to students haven’t been received up to date”, Musinguzi added claiming that UNSA centralization is beneficial to only those in Kampala forgetting the vulnerable majority who also subscribe to the association.

“We feel as if you are treating UNSA as a student association only for central institutions and a political nursery bed for your own benefits. Secondly, a call to attention of Respect towards your fellow UNSA members, wherr their rights have been violated by your executive click, your government has denied members of their right to information on the works of the association, including but not limited to projects status updates, budgetary expenditure of the association in the last calendar year. Students from different regions of the country have not benefited from the fruits of the association as members,” part of the impeachment letter reads.

National Students during the the 32nd AGM at SMACK.

This group base on the above ground to move a motion to impeach the UNSA president whom they believe has also failed to coordinate institutional leaders to discuss with necessary departments the fate of education and wayforward.

In our discussion with the grieved students, they informed us as they were remaining with 30 signatories to back their impeachment letter that will be forwarded to the speaker and move a motion.

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