Name:Fatuma Ali

Age: 22


Institution:Islamic University In Uganda Females Campus


Year of study:Three

Position in students guild/any post at campus: Guild president

Hobbies: Travelling, netball

Fav colour: White

Fav musician:Vanny boy

Fav trailer/movie: Pepper mint

Role model: Dad

Football team:Manchester United

Between your course and personality, what makes you satisfied?: Personality

Where do you see yourself after 5 years?:A great source of inspiration.

What is hardest decision have you ever made?: Joining female campus yet in high school I was in a single sex school.

What do you like about your institution?: It’s environment.

Where do you think your university failed?:In implementing proper Muslim dress code.

How many stars would you give your campus out of 5?:4.5

Whats your message to students of your campus?: Would like them to be cooperative, respectful and patient in the course of attaining education in order to get the best out of their stay at IUIU FC.

Anything you wish the public should know about you: Open minded, approachable and welcoming.

“Fatumah Ali is the current and 11th Guild President of the IUIU’s Kabojja based Campus”

Fatuma Ali during her free moments.

Today’s profile has been powered by The Inter Hall Visual Quiz Competitions scheduled for 25th October at IUIU main campus.



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